For almost all body builders upper chest workout is an important part of their daily workout session. But, some people, who are interested in muscle building, but do not have any technical knowledge forget their upper chest.

Most often, they pay attention to their lower chest muscles. But, if you wish to become a bodybuilder, you should focus on your upper chest. Otherwise, you cannot achieve the full and thick look to the upper part of your body.

So, with your intention to build this part of your body to its full potential, here are some workouts to add to your regimen:

Incline Barbell Bench Press

You might have the knowledge about the traditional bench press. The incline barbell bench press is a version of the traditional bench press. When you do this exercise, you should place your bench at about 45-degree angle.

As the bench in which you work out is placed in an inclined position, this workout will focus on your upper chest. It will also focus on the front side of your shoulders as against the standard flat bench.

In this workout, you will be stressing your upper pecs with a possible weight.

Incline Dumbbell Press

When it comes to workouts for chests, the dumbbell presses are always the most favourite choices. As compared to barbell presses, dumbbell presses are the best choices for targeting chest muscles.

As you are working basically on your upper chest with this workout, you can rely on the incline variant of the dumbbell press. To do this workout, you should bring the dumbbells down in a straight line near your upper chest. Once they reach the chest, you should drive them back up to the top.

Flat Machine Press

Even though this workout is identified as the ideal for the upper chest, you still get some workouts for your lower chest as well in this method. If you feel highly tried to use more free weights, you can move on to your favourite machine press.

To make this movement, you can rely on any rep range that you can perform. You need not have to worry about balancing weight or getting anything into the right position.

In this workout, you might be in a position to still use heavy loads in this workout.

Cable crossovers

To complete your upper chest workout session, you can use a cable station. This will help you do some crossovers. In case, you love dumbbell flyes you can do them. However, cables can be the ideal choice in the case of these movements.

The main aim of this workout is to make sure that you get a good pump reaching your chest. You can do these workouts with a particular focus on your upper chest.

For instance, you can set up the cables at a height closer to your head, and you can use your chest to get the handles in front of you at the length of your hand. You can do this work out for different sets until your chest is fatigued and pumped.


You can complete your upper chest workout for a day by aggressively stretching your chest. This work out will help with the recovery of your chest muscle. Also, this stretching will with stretching the fascia around the muscle.

Stretching will also help with the growth of new tissue at a faster pace.


The fact is that many such exercises will focus your upper chest. The best upper chest workout session will help with achieving a perfect shape in every part inclusive of the chest.

As body builders should make a better body shape right from the top to toe, upper chest workout is something that they should never skip. They can follow any of the exercises mentioned above to get the best results. Not just best results, but also long-lasting results.

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