Triceps Workout for Men

When it comes to building big arms, most men forget about triceps. The reason is that they are highly focused towards biceps. But, they will have to remember one thing: The biceps constitute a very lesser part of the size of their arm as compared to the triceps. The latter form a larger part. So, for those looking to achieve bigger arms, they should focus on triceps.

The Anatomy of Triceps Muscles:

Triceps workout for men are technically called as Triceps Brachii. This is a muscle with three heads. This muscle is located on the back of your arm. The three heads jointly look like a horseshoe.

The three heads are called as medial head, lateral head and long head. The lateral head is the largest of the three. This part of the triceps decides the overall look of the triceps.

In other words, when you wish to achieve bigger triceps, it means that you intend to achieve bigger lateral heads. Here is the simple science behind effective triceps training:

Theories Behind Effective Triceps Training:

In fact, there are many theories on how to offer the best training to the triceps. Some people will recommend you to pay attention to high-rep training. On the other hand, some will recommend that you will have to train them many times a week.

Even, you will get the recommendation that you need not have to do any triceps workout. On the other hand, it is said that you should pay attention to compound pushing movements. Some of them include overhead press and bench press.

Certain Points to Remember:

There are many myths surround triceps workout for men. But, there are certain facts that you will have to remember. They are discussed here:

  • Most people will have to train their triceps to get the size they intend to achieve. It is true that heavy chest training will help with building the triceps. But, it is barely enough to achieve the intended size.
  • To add strength and size to your triceps, you should add heavy compound movements to your workout regimen. It is true that you can include machine and cable exercises and also high-rep sets to your triceps workouts. But, you cannot use them as replacements to heavy free weight movements.
  • A single heavy triceps movement per week is enough. The most crucial part of your triceps training that you have to concentrate is volume. Otherwise, it can be stated that you should focus on the total amount of reps per week.
    • This rule is important when you are engaged in a lot of heavy weightlifting. Remember that the heavier your reps are, the fewer you can do per week without any risk of overtraining.

Best Triceps Workout for Men:

Close-Grip Bench Press:

If you plan to do a single workout for your triceps, the best thing you can do is to choose either a close-grip bench press or a weighted dip. Both these exercises pay attention to the lateral heads of the triceps. Also, they will also help with your chest development.


When it comes to dipping, there are a couple of types. One is the upright dip, and the other is the bench dip. The former is easier to load with weight. It involves the chest and shoulders more. However, both the latter and the former are ideal for triceps development.

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press:

This work is especially right to target long head of the triceps and permits you to overload the muscles safely.

Lying Triceps Extension:

This workout pays attention to the medial head. This workout has been the bodybuilding staple for several decades.  The reason for this popularity of this method is its effectiveness, and also it is easy to do.

As you look for the best triceps workout for men, you can choose one among these mentioned above.

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