Shoulder Workout For Men

If you look for the best shoulder workout for men, the thing to remember is that there are varied ways to work your shoulders. In general, men are considered healthy by how well they build their shoulders.

With your intention to achieve well-rounded shoulders, here are some best shoulder workout for men that you can do:

Cable Face Pull:

The bench press is one of the favourite shoulder workouts for men. But, when you do too much of this workout, it can lead to an imbalance in your strength levels. Moreover, it will favour your front over your back.

So, to achieve a uniform look both at your front and back shoulders, face pull is the excellent choice. This workout defines the muscles in your upper back. It will help with improving your strength and posture as well.

To do this workout, you should instigate by attaching a rope to the high pulley of a cable station. Then, you should hold one end with each hand. Get back a few steps in such a way that your arms are extended to your front.

Now, pull the middle of the rope and get near your face. Just stop and reverse the movement back to the beginning position.

Kettlebell Single-Arm Press:

You should use kettlebells as against dumbbells for this movement. The reason is that the weight distribution and shape of kettlebells will help with pulling your shoulder into a position. This position improves muscle recruitment and mobility.

To do this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bring in a kettlebell and place it in front of your shoulder and keep it in your palm. You should make sure that the weight resting and elbow should be tucked on the top of your forearm.

Press it to direct upward while rotating your arm and make sure your palm faces forward. Repeat this for both your arms to get the best results.

Dumbbell Push Press:

The good thing about this workout to strengthen your shoulders is that you can load it up with a very minimal risk of injury. Another excellent thing about this workout is that it will bring quick results.

The reason for the quick results from this exercise is that it will quickly target your fast twitch muscle fibres. These are the muscles with the best potential to grow at a faster pace.

To instigate this workout, you should stand holding a pair of dumbbells. You should hold them in such a way that your palms face each other. Make sure your arms are bent, and they should be outside your shoulders.

You should set your feet shoulder-width apart and make sure that your knees are slightly bent. Just bend your knees and quickly rise with your legs. When doing this, you should give pressure to the weights directly over your shoulders.

Just bring back the dumbbells to the beginning position and repeat the workout as many times as you can.

Scaption and Shrug:

The scaption part of this workout will pay attention to your front rotator cuff, deltoids and serratus anterior. The shrug will affect your upper traps. This will provide a complete exercise to make your shoulders healthy and strong.

To do this workout, you should start by holding a pair of dumbbells with your feet and shoulder width apart. Here, your elbows should be slightly bent. Also, you should hang the dumbbells at your arm’s length following your sides. Also, your palms should be facing each other.

Do not make any changes to the bend in your elbows. But, you should raise your arms at an angle of 30-degree to your body. Your arms should be until they are at shoulder level. At the top of the motion, take your shoulders up towards your ears.

So, as you are looking for the best shoulder workout for men, make sure that you follow the techniques mentioned above to achieve the best results.

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