Mini Heart Attack Symptoms

When people talk about ‘mini heart attack’, they try to differentiate the heart attack from a major and life-threatening heart attack. But, in some instances, patients feel that they have a mini heart attack, but in fact, they would have a major heart attack.

How Does A Mini Heart Attack Differ From The Major Heart Attack?

This difference can be made only after a patient had a heart attack. The reason is that it is impossible to decide whether you have a mini or major heart attack at the onset of the attack. At the time of initial diagnosis of a heart attack, through different tests, the doctors can just identify the extent of damage it has caused to your heart.

In general, patients with typical heart attack symptoms are most likely to have major attacks. On the flip side, patients with atypical pain in the chest might have either mini or major significant heart attacks.

A major heart attack is something that needs medical intervention as quickly as possible. The quicker the doctor can open up the arteries; the better will be the outcome. This is why patients, who are suspected of a heart attack, are immediately taken to an emergency room. Even though, the symptoms of a patient look like a mini heart attack, it can also be a major heart attack. This holds true even in case the patient does not have the typical pain in the chest.

How is a Mini Heart Attack Different From a Pre-Heart Attack?

In fact, mini heart attack and pre-heart attack will have similar symptoms. However, in the case of pre-heart attack, the damage to the heart muscles is temporary. But, in the case of a mini heart attack, the damage is permanent. The duration of symptoms is the main difference between these two conditions.

If the pre-heart attack symptoms like angina last for more than 10 minutes, there are greater chances that you might probably have a mini heart attack. Even, it can be a major heart attack as well.

How is Mini Heart Attack Different From The Silent Heart Attack?

A silent heart attack is a condition, where you get a heart attack without any symptoms. But, the thing to be noted here is that not all silent heart attacks are entirely silent. In most instances, patients fail to notice the subtle symptoms of mini heart attack. When the mini attack comes and goes away, the patient is diagnosed with a silent heart attack.

Now, it is time for us to get into the symptoms of a mini heart attack after understanding these differences.

Symptoms of Mini Heart Attack:

  • Pain in the left arm
  • Pain in the upper back
  • Pain in between the shoulder blades
  • Feeling of soreness in the chest muscles
  • Achy feeling in the chest
  • Dull pressure in the chest
  • Sudden palpitations
  • Pain in jaw
  • Severe nausea
  • Feeling of indigestion
  • Heartburn that does not go away
  • Squeezing sensation in the chest
  • Sudden profuse sweating
  • Sudden unexplainable fatigue
  • Impending sense of doom
  • Shuttering discomfort in chest
  • Burning sensation inside the chest
  • Sudden shortness of breath
  • Feel like a lump inside the chest
  • Choking sensation
  • Heaviness and numbness of shoulder
  • Fullness and tightening of throat
  • Pain in the right arm

Patients who have the family history of heart problems should be careful about these symptoms. Even though it might be a mini heart attack, it also needs medical attention and follow-ups. It is true that the severity is lesser as compared to a major heart attack. But, proper follow-ups will prevent future problems. The patient should follow the advice of the doctor to avoid major attacks in the future. Life is a precious gift to the humans, and so, it should never be lost just because of a delay in the medical attention.

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