Back Workout for Men

When it comes to the largest muscle group in the human body, the back has it all. So, selecting the best back workout for men is something important to achieve the best fitness.

It is natural that men wish to achieve a broad V-shaped body and a wider back will help them reach that goal. In fact, many men have won the bodybuilding competitions due to their solid back.

The mistake done by most amateur bodybuilders is that they fail to focus on their back. The reason is that they judge their body just by what they see in the mirror.

The truth is that a good back will be visible even from the front. Men looking for great looks should remember a thumb rule. The rule is that they should stop being obsessive towards tiny details like forearms and biceps. But, they should give the attention it deserves for their back.

Benefits of Having a Wider Back:

  • When a man has a thicker back, it will provide an illusion to others that he has a smaller waist
  • It helps in rectifying the errors in the posture. In case, a man regularly uses the gym, and proper form is highly significant.
  • Also, a wider back will provide excellent protection to the spine when a person engages in heavy weight lifting.
  • A bigger back will provide the best support to other muscle groups as well. An increase in the lifting strength can be achieved with the right workout regimen for the back.

Here is some back workout for men that will help with strengthening the back and also to achieve a great-looking back:

Wide Grip Pull-Ups:

Many men use this workout during their warm up session before they engage in heavy workouts for the back. But, this exercise itself is perfect for building mass in the back. The reason is that it contributes towards higher stimulation of the back.

When engaged in this workout, men should try to avoid unwanted motion of the body. They should make sure that only their arms and shoulder alone move. They should pay more attention to lat muscles.

Inverted Pull-Ups:

Many beginners have great difficulty in lifting their body against their weight. They can considerably reduce the load by using pull-up assist machines. In case, a man cannot get such a machine; he can use a spot instead.

The other option available is to try inverted pull-ups on a smith machine. The user can set the bar at varied heights and can choose the comfortable height, to begin with. Then, he can gradually bring down the height.

Rowing One Arm Dumbbells:

Another back workout for men is Rowing One Arm Dumbbells. Otherwise called as dumbbell rows, they are the best exercises for strengthening traps, rhomboids, and lats at the back. Men are attracted to this workout. The reason is that it is easier to work with the heaviest weights.

This workout can be done by placing the right leg on a bench. The left hand should have a dumbbell with the suitable weight. In addition to strengthening the back, this workout will also focus on the left upper chest.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows:

This workout should be done in standing position. You should bend your entire back with dumbbell rows in both hands. You can start with little weight and can slowly increase the weight of dumbbells.

This workout will strengthen the entire upper back to help you achieve a great looking back.

There are many another back workout for men to strengthen their backs. Some of them are good barbell mornings, dead fits, wide grip pull downs and T-Bar row with a barbell. All these exercises will help men to achieve a great-looking and broader back.

All they will have to do is to try out different back exercises. They should do the same on a daily basis to avoid monotonous workout sessions. They can also get the best help from fitness experts to achieve an overall toned body.

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