Arm Workout for Men

For a man planning to achieve fitness through workout sessions, doing compound barbell movements is important. But, men will have to remember one thing here. Doing deadlifts and squats alone will not help them achieve bigger arms. The reason is that they do not focus on shoulders, forearms, biceps, and triceps.

For a man looking for a massive gain of size and strength, he should use a mixture of targeted assistance and compound exercises. Irrespective of how he trains, he will get jacked and will get awesome pumps with some of the arm workouts for men given below:

Hammer Curl:

To do this workout, the man should hold a dumbbell in each of his hand with his palms facing his arms and sides and extended straight down. He should curl both weights at the same time when he keeps his upper arm against his sides. He should remember to minimise motion used at the time of the curl.

Close-Grip Curl:

He should curl with his hands inside the width of his shoulders in the middle of the bar.

Dip Arm Workout:

If the man has dip bars, he can use them. Otherwise, he should place his palms on a chair or a bench or even on the floor as he extends his legs to his front. He should keep lowering his body until the upper arms are equivalent to the floor, but not lower than the floor. He should also extend his elbows to come up.

Chin Up:

To do this work out for the arm, he should grab a bar that is slightly inside the shoulder width with the palm facing upwards. When he keeps his core tight, he should pull himself up until his chin is over the bar. But, he should not use his motion to get the chin over the bar.

Diamond Push-Up:

To complete this arm workout for men, first get into push-up position to do this workout. But, he should place his hands close to each other in such a way that the index fingers and thumbs touch each other.

He should keep his body in a straight line with stomach tightened and lowered his torso until his chest is just above the floor. Then, he should press back up.

Poundstone Curl:

Who are looking for the best arm workout for men, should grasp the barbell at the width of his shoulder. He should keep his upper arms at his sides and should curl the bar.

Suspension Trainer Rotational Inverted Row:

To do this exercise, the man should hold the handles and should lean backward with his arms extended. He should do this in such a way that the suspension trainer supports his body. He should also make sure only his feet are on the floor.

He should brace his core and should hold his body in a straight line. He can instigate with his palms facing his feet. When he grows his body up, he should twist his wrists out, in such a way that his palms face up in the top position.

Close-Grip Pushups:

In this workout, he should place his hands inside his shoulder’s width and should lower his body until his chest is about an inch above the floor. If he intends to make the workout more challenging, he can elevate his feet on a box or bench.

Reverse Curl:

For this workout, he should grasp the bar overhand at his comfortable width. He should curl the bar, keeping his upper arms against his sides.

Wide-Grip Curl:

In this workout, he should hold the bar with his hands wider as compared to the width of his shoulder. In this position, he should do curls to get the best exercise for arms.

Face Pull:

To do this workout, he should attach a rope handle to the top pulley of the cable station. With his palms facing each other, he should grasp an end in each hand. To place tautness of the cable, he should step back. Then, he should drag the handles near his forehead in such a way that his palms face his ears.

So, as you are looking for the best arm workout for men, make sure that you follow the techniques mentioned above to achieve the best results.

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